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Mighty Pirates (0-7-1) at
Dirty Pucks (2-5-1)

10:30pm (Ricoh Coliseum)

Looking back...
2012-12-10  (W) 6-1
2013-02-18  (W) 5-0
2013-12-16  (W) 6-4
2014-02-17  (W) 2-1
2014-10-27  (L) 2-5
2014-12-15  (W) 8-2
2015-02-09  (W) 9-8
2015-10-19  (W) 8-5
2015-12-07  (W) 5-3
2016-01-11  (W) 6-3
2016-02-29  (W) 6-1
2016-04-04  (L) 4-7
2016-10-17  (L) 0-3
2017-01-16  (T) 2-2
2017-02-20  (L) 2-4
2017-04-10  (W) 4-2

(Mighty Pirates lead all-time series 11-4-1)

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Disgruntled Fan:


Site Last Updated: Sunday, November 26th, 2017 at 11:15pm (EST)

Who Wants the "W"?!

There is an Oilers team worse than the NHL Oilers... and they now live in the Monday Gilmour Division!

November 06, 2017

It's hard to believe there could possibly be a team off to a worse start than your heroes, but the Oilers (0-6-0) (formerly known as the Ice Age Oilers) come to town without a single point this season.

Of course, five of those six losses came against teams from the powerful Monday Night Ellis Division before the Oilers' relegation... though, Grrrowl (2-3-1), the only team the Pirates (0-5-1) have secured a point against this season, over-powered them 1-5 last week in their initial Monday Gilmour Division match.

The Bucs come into this week of play having surrendered eight (unofficial) goals in three of their last four games, leading the division with 29 goals against (indeed, that doesn't count the goals scored over any five-goal spread). They also have 32 minutes in penalties, second only to the Grrrowl's 34. Not many are proud of these statistics, to be sure! Even Disgruntled Fan has given up on berating the team the past two weeks.

What could the defending True North Cup champions be missing in their play? It starts with the goalie making the first save. From there, the defense corps need to be eliminating any rebound shots by taking their men and not running around. And, every rush needs to be contemplated with utmost care. The centres must be hounding any extra attackers in the zone, playing deep at all times. They should only be joining the play up ice when the puck is out of the zone, and no opponent is left in it. The wingers have to be on their points most of the time, making sure their point men assignments aren't able to keep the puck alive in the zone. If there is a chance to get it out, DO IT! Down the ice. Make those opponents skate... and never get caught on an odd man rush. A full team effort, from top to bottom.

Isn't that exactly what the team did in last season's playoffs? It's the defense-first, Pirate-brand hockey that won The Cup last April... and that's the hockey the whole country is craving to see tonight from the Pirates.

It appears that Roger Jolie has put a hold on the much-anticipated 25th anniversary jerseys, too. "Dis team must get da two points first before I even 'ave da reason to tink about giving dem deese jerseys to wear so proudly." He then added, "Osti de cris de tabarnak."

Other than S. Klein filling in for J. Besant, the full roster should be available to Captain Sousa tonight, who returns after missing last week's 0-8 debacle against the Aeros (3-3-0).

Will one of these teams get their first wins this season? Or will it be a low-scoring 0-0 dud as their goals per game average would indicate? Come on down to Rinx 3 at 7:00pm tonight and find out! Onwards and upwards, mateys!

As always, if we missed anything, send an email to webmaster@piratehockey.ca with the details!

Injury Report

Player Injury Status
L. Klein
Travel Bug Out 3 Games
Broken Clavicle / Ribs Out 1 Game
Elbow Out 1 Game
Classified Out 1 Game
J. Sager
Travel Bug Out 2-3 Weeks
Groin Game-Time Decision

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OFFICIAL STANDINGS: The "Gilmour Division" features the same cast as last year, with the exception of Grrrowl coming in to take the place of Highest Puck... who were so afraid of the Pirates they moved to Tuesday nights!

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#5 D. Turner 1

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