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Dirty Pucks vs
Mighty Pirates

08:10pm (Rinx 2)

Looking back...
2012-12-10  (W) 6-1
2013-02-18  (W) 5-0
2013-12-16  (W) 6-4
2014-02-17  (W) 2-1
2014-10-27  (L) 2-5
2014-12-15  (W) 8-2
2015-02-09  (W) 9-8
2015-10-19  (W) 8-5
2015-12-07  (W) 5-3
2016-01-11  (W) 6-3
2016-02-29  (W) 6-1
2016-04-04  (L) 4-7
2016-10-17  (L) 0-3
2017-01-16  (T) 2-2
2017-02-20  (L) 2-4
2017-04-10  (W) 4-2
2017-12-04  (W) 5-3
2018-01-22  (T) 4-4
2018-02-26  (W) 4-2

(Mighty Pirates lead all-time series 13-4-2)

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Iron Man Game Streak
Rosenberg 9
D. Turner 9

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L. Klein nearly has
400 career games!
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Rosenberg nearly has
100 career games!
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Mandell nearly has
200 career points!
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What do you think of the Pirates' chance to get out of their pool with the Aeros and Dirty Pucks?

Get out of the pool? Don't you mean on to the golf course?!

Excellent... the Pirates will sweep their way into the Semi-Finals!

It's going to be very tough... but, anything's possible!

It will be close... but, they've lost the magic this year.

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2017/18 PLAYOFF COVERAGE — Round-Robin, Game One:
The Pirates (0-0-0) kick off their Cup defence against the last-place Dirty Pucks (0-0-0), while the Oilers (0-0-0) try to pull one over on the Cyclones (0-0-0)... Click here for round-by-round playoff coverage and recaps!

Time to Defend The Cup!

There's nothing like the excitement of hearing the playoff crowd gear up on Rinx 2!

March 19, 2018

With the blink of an eye, and no more than two or three website updates, we're here... the whole 25th anniversary regular season has come and gone, and it's time for the Pirates (0-0-0) to defend their True North Cup!

The Bucs have drawn into a pool with a team that hasn't beat them yet (the Dirty Pucks) this season, and a team they have yet to beat (the Aeros). You certainly cannot advance to the Semi-Finals without a win in the round robin, so tonight's game against the Dirty Pucks (0-0-0) is a crucial one. Even a round robin win doesn't guarantee a spot in the next round... and since the first tiebreaker for pool standings is PIMs once again, staying out of the box is as crucial as winning the game! Truly! You can follow all the playoff matchups, previews, results and recaps on our complete playoff coverage page.

As has been the case all season, Captain Sousa will need to be creative with his lines. Veteran playmaker Leggett, second on the team in assists, will be out of action to start the playoff run, along with all-stars L. Klein, M. Sager and Phillips. The Captain will lean on S. Klein, Mola, J. Sager and Weber to fill the void tonight, so there should be a full compliment of skaters when the puck drops, regardless.

The Pirates are 2-0-1 versus the Dirty Pucks this season, and are 13-4-2 against them all-time... but, as we are all aware, this is playoff hockey! Everyone has a chance, and everyone raises their game to the next level.

Book #5 and Onoufriou (#77) are big offensive threats, but the Dirty Pucks are not thin in talent. The Hurdis brother/sister duo (#43/#64) are always putting up points, and Campin (#9) has done a lot of damage to the Pirates in the past.

The Pirates have allowed 82 goals this season, two more than they did last year. However, they've gone from scoring an average of 3.09 goals per game to 2.23! Yikes. So, even though the Dirty Pucks were last in the division with 83 goals against, don't expect this to be a high-scoring barn-burner. These teams will be doing their very best to limit the mistakes and not take ridiculous chances.

Of course, the fans are paying for a barn-burner and lots of mistakes... so, come down to Rinx 2 at 8:10pm to find out how it all unfolds!

As always, if we missed anything, send an email to webmaster@piratehockey.ca with the details!

Injury Report

Player Injury Status
L. Klein
Workaholism Out 1 Game
Classified Out 1 Game
Classified Out In- definitely
M. Sager
Torn Rotator Cuff Out for Season

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FINAL STANDINGS: The Pirates finished atop the bottom half of the "Gilmour Division", while the Grrrowl cruised to a division title. The Oilers had the hottest finish, leaving last place to the Dirty Pucks. The Aeros and Cyclones are Cup contenders, finishing second and third, respectively.

MP Cojones Leaderboard... presented by TruckNutz

# Pirate Awards
#5 D. Turner 3
#1 Lella 2
#3 J. Besant 2
#28 S. Klein 2
#2 Rosenberg 1
#6 Budish 1
#10 Leggett 1
#13 J. Sager 1
#14 Mutch 1
#18 Phillips 1
#24 Mola 1
#27 Gallivan 1
#29 Sturgeon 1
#44 Mandell 1
#72 Gideon Gallivan 1
#93 L. Klein 1
#99 Jezioranski 1

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Rumour has it that a Kickstarter project has sufficient funds to deliver a full-length feature about your heroes! Stay tuned for more details on this groundbreaking, 4.5 hour film!

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