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Site Last Updated: Monday, April 9th, 2018 at 12:00pm (EST)

2017/18 PLAYOFF COVERAGE — The Semi-Finals:
The Pirates (1-1-0) face the top-seeded Grrrowl (2-0-0), while the 5th seed Oilers (1-1-0) will host the regular season's last place Dirty Pucks (2-0-0)... the #2 Aeros and #3 Cyclones have a nice, sunny, albiet chilly, day for golf! Click here for round-by-round playoff coverage and recaps!

Against All Odds!

An epic Semi-Final battle tonight... either the top-seeded Grrrowl go home, or the Pirates relinquish their Cup!

April 09, 2018

The Pirates (1-1-0) survived a harrowing Round-Robin to fight another day and defend their Cup, and having to follow it up with a Semi-Final matchup with the top-seeded Grrrowl (2-0-0), who are undefeated in these playoffs, seems a little unfair. But, hey... one had to assume we would face them eventually, right? To win The Cup, you have to be (and beat) the best!

Captain Sousa will have a full 15-skater roster tonight. Sturgeon will return to the pipes after Lella's standout performance last week. Lest we forget, the Sturgeonator stopped seven of nine shootout shots in last year's Final! The Pirates are in good hands.

Doc M. Sager remains sidelined with his torn rotator cuff, but the playoff experience from sub Mola will be welcome on the bench. There are also rumours that L. Klein has been stricken with some kind of bug... however, the young defender, S. Klein, will be there to take his place, if required.

The Pirates will need to be marking the "-Wicz's"... #32 Jakubowicz (19G, 10A, 16PIM) and #9 Malkiewicz (7G, 8A, 14PIM) have lit up the goal light this year, and they've also made their way to the penalty box more times than Don Cherry has suits! The Bucs will want to be involved, but not too involved, with these guys.

Goaltender Payne is also a huge factor, as he and his team allowed a mere 1.91 goals against per game during the regular season. However, the Pirates did score three on him in their final matchup of the year, so the Pirates know they can put the biscuit in the basket against this crew. In fact, plenty of Pirates have put up points against Grrrowl in the past: Gallivan 8 (5G, 3A), Leggett 6 (4G, 2A), Mutch 6 (4G, 2A), Mola 6 (3G, 3A), Mandell 5 (1G, 4A).

However, it's true... oddsmakers are not favourable on a Buccaneer win. Yet, it's this type of adversity the Pirates have thrived on in years past. They've battled the best before, and they can do it again tonight. It will take an all-out effort from everyone on the ice... on every shift... but, this is what playoff magic is made of!

Will there be playoff magic tonight? Come down to Rinx 1 at 9:20pm to find out!

As always, if we missed anything, send an email to webmaster@piratehockey.ca with the details!

Injury Report

Player Injury Status
L. Klein
Cold Game-Time Decision
Workaholism Out 1 Game
M. Sager
Torn Rotator Cuff Out for Season

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FINAL STANDINGS: The Pirates finished atop the bottom half of the "Gilmour Division", while the Grrrowl cruised to a division title. The Oilers had the hottest finish, leaving last place to the Dirty Pucks. The Aeros and Cyclones are Cup contenders, finishing second and third, respectively.

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# Pirate Awards
#1 Lella 3
#5 D. Turner 3
#3 J. Besant 2
#28 S. Klein 2
#2 Rosenberg 1
#6 Budish 1
#10 Leggett 1
#13 J. Sager 1
#14 Mutch 1
#18 Phillips 1
#24 Mola 1
#27 Gallivan 1
#29 Sturgeon 1
#44 Mandell 1
#72 Gideon Gallivan 1
#93 L. Klein 1
#99 Jezioranski 1

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Rumour has it that a Kickstarter project has sufficient funds to deliver a full-length feature about your heroes! Stay tuned for more details on this groundbreaking, 4.5 hour film!

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