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Dirty Pucks vs
Mighty Pirates

08:10pm (Rinx 2)

Looking back...
2012-12-10  (W) 6-1
2013-02-18  (W) 5-0
2013-12-16  (W) 6-4
2014-02-17  (W) 2-1
2014-10-27  (L) 2-5
2014-12-15  (W) 8-2
2015-02-09  (W) 9-8
2015-10-19  (W) 8-5
2015-12-07  (W) 5-3
2016-01-11  (W) 6-3
2016-02-29  (W) 6-1
2016-04-04  (L) 4-7
2016-10-17  (L) 0-3
2017-01-16  (T) 2-2
2017-02-20  (L) 2-4
2017-04-10  (W) 4-2
2017-12-04  (W) 5-3
2018-01-22  (T) 4-4
2018-02-26  (W) 4-2

(Mighty Pirates lead all-time series 13-4-2)

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D. Turner 9

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It's going to be very tough... but, anything's possible!

It will be close... but, they've lost the magic this year.

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Guest Post: From injured Pirate, C. Besant:
"A Pirate State of the Nation"
— February 05, 2018

Amazingly, in last seven games, the Pirates (2017/18 edition) are a .500 team (3W, 1T, 3L). Unbeaten in two, even the weather can’t defeat the Pirates.

With a "W" tonight, the Pirates could even move into 4th place... and would suddenly have a winning record over the past eight games.

If you cross out the 0-8 blowout by the Expos in that stretch, where we were out of the game after the first three shifts, in the past six games we have averaged 3.8 goals for and just 3.6 goals against.

The Pirates have now, at least once: beaten the Aeros, Dirty Pucks and Oilers; tied the Grrrowl; and lost just 0-1 to Exposed. Okay, they Aeros were bad drivers when we won... but, two of the losses to the Aeros were close, and one was a one-goal game until the empty net goal. (We won't count the 0-8 blowout against the Cyclones earlier this year in honour of Leggett!)

We started the season going 0-8-1 in October and November. Since December 1, we're a .500 team and rising. Pirates = the Eagles of TNHC?

True North Hockey CanadaGood Guys, Great Game!