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Cyclones (6-4-1)
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11:00pm (Rinx 3)

Looking back...
2010-10-04  (W) 7-1
2012-10-29  (W) 6-0
2013-02-04  (W) 8-0
2013-12-09  (W) 4-2
2014-02-10  (W) 2-1
2014-09-17  (W) 3-0
2014-11-10  (L) 2-3
2014-12-29  (W) 5-2
2015-02-23  (L) 0-3
2015-09-21  (W) 4-1
2015-12-21  (W) 6-2
2016-02-01  (W) 6-4
2016-03-21  (W) 4-2
2016-10-24  (W) 2-0
2016-12-19  (T) 3-3
2017-02-06  (L) 4-5
2017-03-13  (W) 8-2
2017-04-17  (W) 4-3
2017-10-02  (L) 0-8
2018-02-12  (L) 2-5
2018-10-24  (L) 4-7

(Pirates lead all-time series 14-6-1)

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Can the Pirates Clean the High-Flying Dirty Pucks?
— November 05, 2018

Gallivan and Corson work on breakout drills at Maple Leafs practice facility.
Did you know the Pirates (2-3-1) have recently been promoted up three divisions? We know a 7-1 victory over Broke N Bad (2-4-0) last Monday was big... but, did it deserve that kind of promotion?

Fear not... all the other seven teams from the division formerly known as Monday 416 Division R-6 have moved up with the Bucs. This is all thanks to the renaming of a "Competitive" and two "Intermediate" divisions above by our True North Hockey Canada overlords.

In fact, there is only one team in our new Monday 416 Division R-3 that your heroes have yet to play this season... the second place Dirty Pucks (3-1-2)... and that meeting will happen tonight at 7:10pm on Rinx 2!

Not only have the Dirty Pucks been spreading the joy of pretty goals across all three of their lines, their defence has been second-to-none this season, allowing just eight goals in six games... that's a 1.33 GAA! Yikes! This is an improved Dirty Pucks team, folks... and the Pirates should be prepared for a big test this evening.

While the Pirates won 10 of the clubs' first 11 historical winter meetings, the Dirty Ones have had four wins, three losses and two ties over the last eight.

Thankfully, the Sturgeonator gets the call between the pipes with Lella out of town. #29 has already recorded a big doughnut this season, and he will be looking to shut the door tonight as well. (Notice we didn't say the actual "S" word?)

Backup 'keep Hine stops Wendel Clark as an extra attacker while Shayne Corson and Rick Vaive look on.

We also just learned that Gallivan joined backup 'keep Hine and former all-star defenseman Tassone for some seriously heavy training over the weekend with the likes of Tomáš Kaberle, Shayne Corson, Wendel Clark and Rick Vaive. Regardless if any of the training has rubbed off, we know Gallivan will still be smiling tonight, at the very least!

Captain Mola, on the other hand, completed a morning yoga session just moments ago. Roger Jolie tweeted immediately, "We need notre capitaine @MolaV24 in da warrior 1 pose tonight - and none of dis shivasana for you, tabarnac ! #BeerAndWingsNotYoga". We think Jolie is still mad that Mola missed last week's game, dressed up at a charity event with some fine looking ladies. It's okay Mola, we're on your side!

Budish, Clifford and S. Klein are not available tonight, but Sousa and T. Turner will most likely round out the blue line tonight.

Can the Pirates get down and dirty to break through the brick wall that is the Dirty Pucks defence? Come down to Rinx 2 tonight and find out!

True North Hockey CanadaGood Guys, Great Game!