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2008-09-29  (W) 5-2

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The Next Quarter Century Begins!
— September 17, 2018

Should be a good crowd tonight for the Pirates' home opener at MLG!
Remember that dream of telling your parents how you wanted to play for one of the greatest hockey teams of all time... skating onto Maple Leaf Gardens... three floors above a grocery store? Well that dream is coming true tonight at 11:00pm!

25 years of thrilling hockey lore continues as the Pirates (0-0-0) get set to face the expansion Super Seals. We have absolutely no data on the Seals, though there have been bare-chested photos floating around indicating they could be a challenge. Let's face it... even if it's not them in the photos, this will be a challenge!

True North Hockey Canada have re-branded the leagues and divisions, removing all references to any past Leaf heroes. Why not? The Leafs are going to win the Stanley Cup this year, right? Who cares about the old guys?!

Well, we do! In fact, Leggett and Jezioranski will skate onto the ice for their 400th career Winter Pirate games tonight. Amazing!

Your Pirates will start in the "416 Monday Division R-6"... and doesn't that just roll off the tongue? Along with the Seals are another expansion franchise in Broke N Bad... though some digging shows they are made up of a number of old Heisenberg players (ah, now we get it!)

Of course, some old familiars are there too: Aeros, Cyclones, Dirty Pucks, Grim Reapers... and, of course, Grrrowl... who have bullied and line-stacked their way to a True North Hockey Canada Cup® this past Winter AND Summer... and are somehow still deemed fit to play in the lowest division of TNHC Monday nights! Makes sense.

Regardless, the Pirates are eager to get their new black jerseys (they'll be available in a few weeks) to celebrate 25 years past... and kick start the next 25!

Of course, Lella is out of action between the pipes as he's in Texas. Sturgeon is listed with a classified injury. Hine celebrated another wedding anniversary with his lovely wife yesterday and is unavailable. So, Hugo will be there between the pipes! You know... Hugo!

Clifford, L. Klein, S. Klein, Mandell and Sousa are also all out... but, rookie sub Chi will make his debut at MLG! We hope he likes playing defence in front of huge crowds on that big, luscious ice surface! See you there!

True North Hockey CanadaGood Guys, Great Game!