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Game Day

Pirates (0-0-1) at
Aeros (1-0-0)

07:00pm (Rinx 3)

Looking back...
2007-11-19  (L) 3-4
2008-01-28  (W) 6-4
2008-03-17  (L) 3-6
2008-03-31  (W) 2-1
2008-04-07  (L) 4-5
2008-04-14  (L) 1-4
2008-11-03  (L) 0-6
2008-12-29  (W) 5-2
2009-02-02  (L) 0-8
2011-02-07  (W) 4-2
2011-03-21  (W) 5-2
2012-10-01  (W) 5-3
2013-01-21  (W) 9-7
2013-03-11  (W) 8-3
2016-10-31  (W) 5-4
2016-12-05  (L) 3-6
2017-01-23  (L) 1-6
2017-02-27  (W) 3-2
2017-09-18  (L) 1-4
2017-09-25  (L) 4-6
2017-10-30  (L) 0-8
2017-12-11  (L) 4-6
2018-01-29  (W) 1-0
2018-03-05  (L) 1-2
2018-04-02  (W) 2-1

(Aeros lead all-time series 13-12-0)

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News Deck - The Howie Report

After extensive contract negotiations, the Mighty Pirates organization is extremely pleased to welcome back Howie for another season of insightful, amusing, and extremely addictive commentary! Yes, Howie tells it like it is!

You'll find links to each and every Howie Report right here after each game.

The Howie-Les Report
2017-09-18: Mighty Pirates 1 vs. Aeros 4

Game Sheet

News Deck - The Howie Report It was a less than vivacious crowd to welcome the 25th anniversary Mighty Pirates (0-1-0) to Maple Leaf Gardens as no fewer than 0 of the 2,300 seats filled. Even the Toronto Argonauts were wondering how seat sales could be so low.

It could have been that Captain Sousa, who led his team to a True North Cup last April, was sidelined with a mysterious injury that afflicts Captains after 11:00pm. Nonetheless, alternate Captain Mutch stepped in to delve out the lines, which looked amazing on paper: Mutch, himself, would centre Rosenberg and Gallivan, while Weber would skate between Clifford and J. Sager. The Grinders, M. Sager, D. Turner and Phillips, would round out the offense. On defense, the foursome of C. Besant, J. Besant, Jezioranski and L. Klein.

Leggett is still out with a broken clavicle and four broken ribs suffered early in the summer season, while Mandell couldn't finish his overseas training in time for opening night. Sturgeon was busy shooting things (probably not pucks!), while subs Lella and Mola were unavailable.

And, with J. Klein and T. Turner moving on in their careers, the Pirates certainly have a bit of a dilemma on the blue line... filling spots! Yet, not only did L. Klein play admirably on the blue line, he earned the first MP Cojones Award™ (sponsored by TruckNutz®:) of the season. The play of the game occurred when he, twice, kept the puck in at the line with amazing athletic skill, while then keeping the presence of mind to rip a beautiful shot on goal with traffic in front.

Indeed, it wasn't like the Bucs didn't have their chances. But, the turnaround game from the Aeros (1-0-0) was magic to behold. Just 35 seconds into the game, after a promising Pirate scoring chance, Pan skated into a fortuitous bounce off the backboards, sniping a snapshot to the farside of call-up 'keep Maytas.

The early goal didn't phase Maytas, as he put in a solid effort all night for the Pirates. But, the Pirates would learn that the Aeros new goalie, Black, is really, really good as well. Sigh.

Your heroes would even the score, however, on the only penalty of the night. But, it wasn't an Aero penalty... it was a Pirate penalty! Yes! A penalty kill AND a shorthanded goal, as J. Sager was set up beautifully by Clifford... the special teams are off to a nice start!

A minute and a half later, though, the Pirates found themselves outmanned in their defensive zone, which began happening more than any coach would hope in the middle frame. It is also strange because the Aeros had a mere three subs on the bench. Ideally, the Bucs would have been tiring their opponents out with quick, swift shifts on the big NHL ice... but, that didn't happen.

Rosenberg was skating well with his new mid-section muscles, but Gallivan was having a hard time passing. (Maybe it's the white tape on the stick, eh Mola?) In fact, Mutch's line was -4 on the night... yikes!

As the third period began, however, the game was still in reach... but, another quick flow-change saw the Aeros double their lead, 1-3.

While that lead didn't seem insurmountable, beautiful rushes from C. Besant and J. Besant couldn't generate the comeback goal. Clifford, J. Sager and Weber had a solid cycle game going in deep, but just couldn't find the final trigger. Things got even more frustrating when Gallivan, Rosie and Mutch couldn't bang home a sure goal as the minutes ticked down. The sprawling Black was on fire.

M. Sager had an excellent night on face-offs, while Phillips and D. Turner were masters of clearing the puck. They had their fair share of scoring chances too, including a gorgeous rush from Doc, who got past two defenders, nearly tricking the goalie into submission... but, a defender's stick got in the way.

The Aeros would add one last nail in the coffin with a minute left for the 1-4 win. Kudos to them for a blue collar, yet clean game.

The storied clubs will meet again for a rematch next week at the more humane time of 6:10pm on Rinx 2. Will the Pirates come with more hutzpah?! Let's hope so!

Biggest Fake Out of the Night?: Gallivan and Mutch convincing C. Besant to go to the bar... then bailing on him. Nice guys!

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