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Dirty Pucks vs
Mighty Pirates

08:10pm (Rinx 2)

Looking back...
2012-12-10  (W) 6-1
2013-02-18  (W) 5-0
2013-12-16  (W) 6-4
2014-02-17  (W) 2-1
2014-10-27  (L) 2-5
2014-12-15  (W) 8-2
2015-02-09  (W) 9-8
2015-10-19  (W) 8-5
2015-12-07  (W) 5-3
2016-01-11  (W) 6-3
2016-02-29  (W) 6-1
2016-04-04  (L) 4-7
2016-10-17  (L) 0-3
2017-01-16  (T) 2-2
2017-02-20  (L) 2-4
2017-04-10  (W) 4-2
2017-12-04  (W) 5-3
2018-01-22  (T) 4-4
2018-02-26  (W) 4-2

(Mighty Pirates lead all-time series 13-4-2)

Mighty Pirate Iron Men!

Iron Man Game Streak
Rosenberg 9
D. Turner 9

Pirate Watch!

L. Klein nearly has
400 career games!
Games to go...

Rosenberg nearly has
100 career games!
Games to go...

Mandell nearly has
200 career points!
Points to go...

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What do you think of the Pirates' chance to get out of their pool with the Aeros and Dirty Pucks?

Get out of the pool? Don't you mean on to the golf course?!

Excellent... the Pirates will sweep their way into the Semi-Finals!

It's going to be very tough... but, anything's possible!

It will be close... but, they've lost the magic this year.

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