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Pirates (0-1-1) at
Grim Reapers (0-2-0)

09:10pm (Rinx 2)

Looking back...
2008-09-29  (W) 5-2

(Mighty Pirates lead all-time series 1-0-0)

Mighty Pirate Iron Men!

Iron Man Game Streak
Rosenberg 14
D. Turner 14

Pirate Watch!

L. Klein has now played
400 career games!

Gallivan has almost played
400 career games!
Games to go...

Mandell nearly has
200 career points!
Points to go...

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On The Account - Swashbucks Tracker

Unlike some of the so-called "professional" hockey clubs, the Mighty Pirates choose to disclose all the financial details of our club. Check out the table below for weekly disclosures!

  2018/2019 Season
ID # Disclosure Date Notes Revenues* Expenses* Weekly Net* Seasonal Profits*
#1 2018-09-16 Carry over from 2017/2018 season! 0.00 169.00 -169.00 -169.00
#2 2018-09-17 Game Day Transactions 43.00 43.00 0.00 -169.00

 Revenues include: Gate receipts, merchandise, donations, etc.
 Expenses include: Player salaries, bar tab, etc.
 * - in millions and millions of dollars!

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