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Grim Reapers vs

06:00pm (Rinx 3)

Looking back...
2008-09-29  (W) 5-2
2018-10-01  (W) 3-0
2018-12-03  (W) 2-1
2019-02-04  (L) 3-4

(Pirates lead all-time series 3-1-0)

Mighty Pirate Iron Men!

Iron Man Game Streak
D. Turner 35
Phillips 25

Pirate Watch!

Mutch has played
450 career games!

M. Sager has played
400 career games!

Mandell has amassed
200 career points!

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How do you see the 2018/2019 playoffs rolling out?

A walk in the park! An undefeated cake walk and a Cup for the Pirates!

The Pirates never take the easy road... but, I think they can win The Cup!

The Pirates just don't have it this year. Sorry.

You don't deserve a Cup if you finish 5th to 8th, man!

What playoffs? The site's been down for months. I have no idea what the heck is going on!

The Pirates aren't even going to score a goal!

(See the Results)

Treasure Chest - Video Vault

Your favourite Mighty Pirates heroes come to life in our Video Vault!
(Videos require the QuickTime plug-in ... download now!)

Khatter: One Last Stride!

Khatter: One Last Stride!
Here's a touching clip from an as yet unreleased documentary on the career of Pirate #7 Khatter: One Last Stride! ... will he skate again? We all hope so!

Bingham: Flying High Now!

Bingham: Flying High Now!
An exclusive, behind-the-scenes, glimpse of an intense pre-game training session from the former Captain Bingham himself! ... and you thought your job was hard? Ha!

Classic Clip: Bad Hockey?

Classic Clip: Bad Hockey?
Global TV's 4-minute look at the world of ... bad hockey? They can't be talking about the Mighty Pirates, can they? A true blast from the past!

Jezioranski: Playmaker!

Jezioranski: Playmaker!
Jezioranski shows how dangerous he can be, turning a simple dump-in into a scoring play!

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