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News Deck - The Headlines

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The Cup Will Be Won Tonight!
— April 15, 2019

Pirates need to find a way to crack the Dirty Pucks' positional play!
The hottest playoff ticket in Toronto is here tonight... and it ain't down at the Harbourfront!

At 10:10pm on Rinx 2, your star-studded heroes, the Pirates (2-1), must endure their first (and only) do-or-die elimination test of these playoffs against their long time rivals, the Dirty Pucks (3-1).

Last week, the Dirty Pucks proved they're as good, or better, as they are on paper. It was a determined, gritty, all-out, errorless effort from all of their players, and it left the Pirates with very few offensive options.

The Pirates know they need more shots. But, the question is: how do they get them? Well, it's going to come down to effort, isn't it? How many shifts are there in a game? Nine? Maybe 10? Each and every one of those shifts needs to be the best shift they've played as a Pirate.

We know now that nothing will be handed to the Bucs. Winning races to the pucks, and playing smart positional hockey are what can win this game for the Pirates.

Budish and L. Klein will not be lacing up tonight, but Chi and T. Turner will be there to fill the void.

Four Cups in 25 seasons sounds much less impressive than five in 25! Let's get up to Orfus Road tonight to cheer on Toronto's team... the Pirates! Viven Los Piratas! Bring it home, boys!

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