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Treasure Chest - Pirate Poll Archive

Speak up! As a Mighty Pirate fan, it's your duty to let everyone know what you think about the issues that matter. Here's an archive of past Pirate Polls. Of course, the most recent poll always appears on the bottom left side of every page!

What's the most rancid thing you've ever smelled?
Total votes: 18

That penalty box 'o vomit Mola had to sit in once on Rinx 1!

50% (9 votes)

Gallivan's equipment - holy crap, it's called a washing machine, dude!

28% (5 votes)

Dead skunk!

11% (2 votes)

Gallivan himself - holy crap, it's called a shower dude!

6% (1 votes)

Toronto ... during the garbage strike!

6% (1 votes)

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