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Site Last Updated: Tuesday, April 15th, 2019 at 4:32pm (EST)

2018/19 PLAYOFF COVERAGE — The Pirates (3-1) are True North Hockey Canada Cup Champions once again after defeating the Dirty Pucks (3-2) in overtime of Game #7! Click here for round-by-round playoff coverage and recaps!

Another Cup for the Treasure Chest!

2019 True North Hockey Canada Cup Champions!
(Missing: Budish, L. Klein, S. Klein, Sousa, Sturgeon, Weber)

Pirates 3 at Dirty Pucks 2
Game sheet

April 16, 2019

The Pirates came to the rink, last week, light in their step. There were speeches and jokes, and plenty of laughter, before the game. Pennants were unfurled and flags were raised. Grappa was consumed. The Pirates were pretty sure they could win The Cup; but, who knew it wouldn't be for another week?

Yes, there were speeches last night. And, Pirates listened intently, especially to Lella who told a camp tale that went something along the lines of, "you can sleep when you're dead." But, you really knew something was different when the whole dressing room went quiet just minutes before hitting the ice. It was like the team was telepathically sharing the fact that they all knew what they had to out there. A handshake of the mind, so to speak.

And it showed as the team hit the ice. Gallivan would start between Rosenberg and Leggett, while M. Sager centred D. Turner and Phillips. Mutch, Mola and Mandell would round out the forward lines. Clifford and J. Besant led off for defensemen, followed by pairings of Chi with Jezioranski and T. Turner with C. Besant. In net was a slightly under the weather Lella.

From puck drop, the Pirate intensity was there! Unlike last week, pucks were getting moved around by your heroes.

A chance came early as Captain Mola dug out a puck from behind the net to Gallivan wide open in the slot, but his shot was met with a riveting glove save from Walklate... game on!

The teams traded chances for the entire period, but the Dirty Pucks would strike first after some solid pressure. 0-1 for the rivals!

The 3M Line came out pumped to start the second period, giving the Dirty Pucks a taste of their own medicine, and hemming them into their own zone. T. Turner played a brilliant keep in at the blueline, firing the puck around the boards to Mola, who scooped it up and threw it in front to a waiting Mutch. And, Mutch didn't waste time, slamming home the equalizing goal. 1-1!

A mere 28 seconds later, Gallivan would win a faceoff straight back to J. Besant on the point. Besant the Younger looked around, then aimed and fired the puck off the back boards, where Leggett expertly got to the puck. Bringing defenders to him, he slid a beautiful pass to Rosenberg, who would make no mistake and slicing the puck five-hole past Walklate. The Pirates had their first lead, 2-1... just like that!

From here on out, the Pirates began to solidify their game. Quick shifts; the ability to clear the puck from the defensive zone; winning races to the puck in the offensive zone... the Bucs were doing the little things that they couldn't find the energy for last week.

But, the league wasn't giving out Cups and League Champion shirts for two periods of hockey!

Just 53 seconds into the third period, intense forechecking from the Dirty Pucks' Fitzgerald allowed him to strip the puck at the blueline and dance his way to the net, finishing with a magical deke. The score was now deadlocked, 2-2!

This energized the Dirty Pucks, and they started generating more opportunities. Thankfully, Lella was up to the task, his best save a gorgeous kicker. Lella could also thank his defence core for holding strong throughout the game as well.

C. Besant was challenged with just over three minutes left in regulation, but he poked away the puck to the boards thwarting the rush. Phillips also made sure the puck made it out of the zone any time his team was in danger.

And so, the clock would click down to dreaded... overtime!

With the refs generally keeping their whistles in their pockets the whole game, it was a real surprise when the Dirty Pucks' Fitzgerald, who had both of their goals, would serve time after tripping J. Besant along the boards.

In an already dominant overtime, the Pirates now had a 4-on-3 advantage for, essentially, the rest of the game. And they buzzed like bees coming out of their winter slumber! There were so many chances, the best of which saw Mola chipping the puck from behind the net, through the defenseman and goalie, trickling along the goal line. The Dirty Puck defence slapped it away just before Leggett punched it into the net.

But, in a late mad scramble, with 33.81 seconds left to be exact, Chi dislodged a puck before Walklate could freeze it. And, who else would be there but our beloved Rosenberg, who notched his third game-winning goal of the season. This one, a Cup-winning goal in a 3-2 overtime win!

With Amanda leaving Howie's, the Pirates no longer seem to have their "king client" status with the younger, stricter management; so, they were forced to relocate their post-game festivities. Gallivan finally would get an assist on the night when he found, The Thirsty Fox, where some of the team was able to share memories of the game over wings and beer... and best of all... just sit and smile knowing what they had accomplished.

The 2018/19 Pirate Stat Wrap!

April 16, 2019

Gallivan won the team scoring title for the seventh time, but it Rosenberg leading the team offensively with 13 goals: three of them game winners, two of them game tying and four on the power play. Those are some big goals that meant a lot.

Here are all your stat leaders for 2018/2019 ...

2018-2019 Pirate Achievements
Games Played Phillips, D. Turner (26)*
Goals Rosenberg (13)
Assists Gallivan (18)
Points Gallivan (25)
Wins Lella (5)
Goals Against Average Lella (2.77)
Shutouts Sturgeon (2)
Fewest Penalties in Minutes L. Klein, S. Klein, Lella, Mandell, Mutch, M. Sager, Sturgeon, D. Turner, Weber (0)*
Penalties in Minutes Mola (14)
Power Play Goals Rosenberg (4)*
Short Handed Goals J. Besant (2)
Game Winning Goals Rosenberg (3)
Game Tying Goals Rosenberg (2)
Empty Net Goals 22 players tied (0)
Hat-tricks 22 players tied (0)
Playoff Goals Rosenberg (3)
Playoff Assists Gallivan, Leggett, Mola (3)
Playoff Points Leggett (5)
* = Tied Seasonal Record

As always, if we missed anything, send an email to webmaster@piratehockey.ca with the details!

Injury Report

Player Injury Status
Family Values Out 1 game
Travel Bug/ Workaholism Out 1 game

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FINAL Standings: Grrrowl (14-5-3) top the standings again... though, they must be peeved they finished second in penalty minutes this year! How will they face their fans... and their Moms? The Pirates (5-14-3) finished the year in seventh place... but, that didn't stop them winning their fifth historic True North Hockey Canada Cup!

MP Cojones Leaderboard... presented by TruckNutz

# Pirate Awards
#1 Lella 3
#2 Rosenberg 3
#26 Budish 3
#3 J. Besant 2
#6 Clifford 2
#10 Leggett 2
#18 Phillips 2
#59 T. Turner 2
#31 Herman 1
#32 Ferreira 1
#44 Mandell 1
#66 Chi 1
#96 Jezioranski 1

The Pirate Movie!

Apparently some key actors have received their scripts and are practicing their accents. It's possible that D.T. has been shuttling some of these superstars around in his Tesla. We'll keep you posted on word of a trailer or behind-the-scenes clips! Exciting!

The Mighty Pirates' Movie

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