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Grim Reapers vs

06:00pm (Rinx 3)

Looking back...
2008-09-29  (W) 5-2
2018-10-01  (W) 3-0
2018-12-03  (W) 2-1
2019-02-04  (L) 3-4

(Pirates lead all-time series 3-1-0)

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Iron Man Game Streak
D. Turner 35
Phillips 25

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Mutch has played
450 career games!

M. Sager has played
400 career games!

Mandell has amassed
200 career points!

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How do you see the 2018/2019 playoffs rolling out?

A walk in the park! An undefeated cake walk and a Cup for the Pirates!

The Pirates never take the easy road... but, I think they can win The Cup!

The Pirates just don't have it this year. Sorry.

You don't deserve a Cup if you finish 5th to 8th, man!

What playoffs? The site's been down for months. I have no idea what the heck is going on!

The Pirates aren't even going to score a goal!

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Site Last Updated: Monday, March 18th, 2019 at 11:51am (EST)

2018/19 PLAYOFF COVERAGE — The 8th seed Grim Reapers (0-0) will try their luck against the experienced and 5th seed Dirty Pucks (0-0)... while your heroes, the 7th seed Pirates (0-0) face the 6th seed Super Seals! Click here for round-by-round playoff coverage and recaps!

A Super Playoff Matchup!

Pre-Game Playoff Meal? CHECK!

March 18, 2019

You couldn't draw up plans to get two more equal teams to face off and open the 2018/2019 playoffs than the Pirates (0-0) and the Super Seals (0-0)!

These teams both got beautiful new jerseys this year. They split their regular season series (1-1-2), and accrued less penalty minutes than all the other teams. Their goals for and goals against records are almost identical. They both beat each other 2-0 in their last two meetings. There's no doubt about it, these teams are in for an epic battle tonight! The team that loses will be up against the wall for the rest of the playoffs... so, this isn't the time for picking daises.

Captain Mola is missing some key star players, however, with J. Besant, L. Klein, Lella, Sousa, Sturgeon and Weber all either unavailable or ineligible.

Rumour has it that the "Grind" line, Leggett/Gallivan/Rosenberg, and the "3M" line will all be reunited, while Budish will team with Jezioranski as one defensive pairing, and C. Besant and Clifford the other. But, we'll see what the Captain has in mind at puck drop.

The Super Seals have a mystery in A. Condinho (#89), who scored 16 goals and 22 points in the first half of the season; but he hasn't been seen in the second half at all. Let's hope he doesn't decide to show up tonight!

Can the Pirates get some great propulsion? Or, will the Seals leave them in their wake? Come out to Rinx 3 tonight and find out!

As always, if we missed anything, send an email to webmaster@piratehockey.ca with the details!

Injury Report

Player Injury Status
Knee Day to day
Travel Bug / Workaholism Out 1 game
M. Sager
Travel Bug Out 1 game
Ineligible Out for season
Ineligible Out for season

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FINAL Standings: Grrrowl (14-5-3) top the standings again... though, they must be peeved they finished second in penalty minutes this year! How will they face their fans... and their Moms? The Pirates (5-14-3) have fallen to sixth place in the 416 Monday Division R-3! We'd like to say there's no way to go but up... but, that would be lying! After five wins in a row bullying teams into submission, Grrrowl (8-2-2) have taken top spot in the division, while the Grim Reapers (2-10-0) are very lonely in the basement.

MP Cojones Leaderboard... presented by TruckNutz

# Pirate Awards
#1 Lella 2
#2 Rosenberg 2
#3 J. Besant 2
#6 Clifford 2
#10 Leggett 2
#18 Phillips 2
#26 Budish 2
#59 T. Turner 2
#31 Herman 1
#44 Mandell 1
#66 Chi 1
#96 Jezioranski 1

The Pirate Movie!

Apparently some key actors have received their scripts and are practicing their accents. It's possible that D.T. has been shuttling some of these superstars around in his Tesla. We'll keep you posted on word of a trailer or behind-the-scenes clips! Exciting!

The Mighty Pirates' Movie

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