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Cyclones (6-4-1)
Pirates (3-5-3)

11:00pm (Rinx 3)

Looking back...
2010-10-04  (W) 7-1
2012-10-29  (W) 6-0
2013-02-04  (W) 8-0
2013-12-09  (W) 4-2
2014-02-10  (W) 2-1
2014-09-17  (W) 3-0
2014-11-10  (L) 2-3
2014-12-29  (W) 5-2
2015-02-23  (L) 0-3
2015-09-21  (W) 4-1
2015-12-21  (W) 6-2
2016-02-01  (W) 6-4
2016-03-21  (W) 4-2
2016-10-24  (W) 2-0
2016-12-19  (T) 3-3
2017-02-06  (L) 4-5
2017-03-13  (W) 8-2
2017-04-17  (W) 4-3
2017-10-02  (L) 0-8
2018-02-12  (L) 2-5
2018-10-24  (L) 4-7

(Pirates lead all-time series 14-6-1)

Mighty Pirate Iron Men!

Iron Man Game Streak
D. Turner 23
Mutch 17
C. Besant 16

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Mandell nearly has
200 career points!
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AC/DC Would Not Be Proud!

The Pirates remain winless in black!

December 03, 2018

Just five years ago, the Pirates (2-5-3) took their first step towards shedding the carbon and goldenrod colours that were thrust upon them by their True North overlords 25 years ago. As they debuted their spectacular white jersey, as white as the faces of so many plundered teams in the past, we would see hints of the "Jolly Roger Black" to come!

And, just a few short weeks ago, the fearsome Jolly Roger Black jerseys did come, sending shockwaves through the hockey universe, effectively ending the era of goldenrod so cherished by all-time leading scorer Johnny Mutch.

Now, there's no doubt about it... the Pirates look freaking amazing now! It's their own, true identity. Alas, there's also a rather large elephant on the ship, to be sure!

As we approach the midway point of the season, we find the Bucs with a 2-1-2 record while donning their Whites, outscoring their opponents 17-9. In the Blacks, however, the club is 0-4-1, being outscored 12-19. Throw in the fact that the Black jerseys have suffered heavy defeats in two intra-team matches this season, and we have a real dilemma on our hands.

The Pirates wore White when they defeated the last place Grim Reapers (2-8-0) in October. So, what will they be wearing for the rematch tonight?

The Grim Reapers have won two of their last four games, and 'keep Cisco has been steady, only allowing seven goals. Up front, #13 Tourlidas and #91 Chu can put the puck in the net. #9 Pasquino has also had a hot hand of late.

The Pirates will be without all-stars in L. Klein, Mandell and their leading scorer Rosenberg. S. Klein, Sturgeon and Weber have been called up to take their place. This will be Sturgeon's debut skating, though he's played three games between the pipes already.

D. Turner is a game-time decision, as he's battling the flu. But, if his Iron Man streak (22 games) does fall, son T. Turner is there to fill his skates. And fill skates he does! (Size 13)!

Will your heroes get back into their comfort zone with the Whites? Or, will they try and give the Jolly Roger Blacks a taste of victory? Come down to Rinx 2 at 8:10pm tonight and find out!

As always, if we missed anything, send an email to webmaster@piratehockey.ca with the details!

Injury Report

Player Injury Status
Travel Bug Out 1 game
Back Out until 2019

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Current Standings: We're halfway through the season, and the Pirates have taken top spot... of the clearly formed "B" grouping!

MP Cojones Leaderboard... presented by TruckNutz

# Pirate Awards
#2 Rosenberg 2
#10 Leggett 2
#1 Lella 1
#3 J. Besant 1
#6 Clifford 1
#18 Phillips 1
#26 Budish 1
#44 Mandell 1
#59 T. Turner 1

The Pirate Movie!

Apparently some key actors have received their scripts and are practicing their accents. It's possible that D.T. has been shuttling some of these superstars around in his Tesla. We'll keep you posted on word of a trailer or behind-the-scenes clips! Exciting!

The Mighty Pirates' Movie

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